At UltraBuilt Play Systems, we encourage our customers to check out the competition and decide for themselves what is best for their family.
We have had MANY parents come to us very upset at previous sets they have purchased from box stores/other companies that within 1 to 2 years have literally fallen apart or have become unsafe.  The sad part is that most have them have spent at least $1,ooo.!   
Here are some very beneficial questions to ask when comparing wooden swing sets:

  1. What kind of lumber is the set made out of?  (Most lumber will rot anywhere it comes in contact with the ground, if not properly suited for the job)  Does the lumber attract insects?  Is it safe for the environment?
  2. Where is the lumber from?  USA or another country
  3. Are you speaking directly to the manufacturer?  Or is it just a distributor/middle man?
  4. Does the set come pre-stained?  Why?  Was it stained in the USA?  Does the stain rub off? How often does it need to be re-stained?
  5. Are you (the adult) able to play on the set with the children?
  6. What kind of warranty does the lumber have?  What kind of warranty does the entire set have?  What about exclusions?
  7. What precautions have been taken to ensure safety?
  8. Is the set going to hold its value?  Say I want to resell it 10+ years from now, will it still be in good shape?  Or maybe I’d like to keep it for my grandkids, will it last that long?

We ALL want to be confident that we have chosen the best products for our children. 
As parents, we work very hard for the money we make. We want to make sure that when we spend, we spend it wisely. 

The best advice… ask any questions that come to mind.

    This is why UltraBuilt uses Pine. The Proof is in the Pictures!
7 Year Old Premium Redwood Swing Set Carpenter Bee Damage Discoloration, Rot & Decay
Ground Contact Leg & Sandbox Rot Internal Wood Rot Around Fasteners More Ground Contact ROT!

   This Redwood Swing Set Became unsafe. The customer had us remove it and replaced it with an UltraBuilt 100% Rot Resistant Pine Swing Set.

Pine Advantages
Pressure-treated pine is substantially less expensive than redwood. While sealing every two years is recommended, pine will not turn an unattractive blackish-gray color like redwood can over time if not sealed. It is 60 percent stronger than redwood in the same application even though both are classified as soft woods. Pine can be used for stairs and structural members unlike redwood. Pressure treated pine structures can resist rot for decades. Pine forests regenerate much quicker than redwood forests, so pine is a more sustainable natural resource.

Redwood Disadvantages
Sustainability is an issue due to limited growth sites and slow regeneration. Redwood trees can take more than 80 years to mature. Redwood structures often need additional steel support brackets. This is because redwood can’t be used alone for structurally significant members or heavy traffic areas like stairs because it is too soft. Also, redwood loses its attractive cinnamon color and turns blackish-gray if a waterproof sealant is not applied on an annual basis. It also becomes susceptible to rot within five years.

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