Quality Swing Set Components
    Design Your Own
  • Custom Design Program, choose the options you want and select
    "Request a Quote"

    Heavy Duty Swing Hangers
  • Commerical grade swing hangers.
  • Included with all UltraBuilt A-Frames & Swing Sets
Swing Set Features
    Triple Strength Beams
  • Engineered to resist warping, sagging and twisting
  • Our exclusive design holds over 1,000 pounds
    Adjustable A-Frames
  • Designed to accommodate for unlevel ground.
  • Many beam styles to choose from
    Lifetime Warranty
  • UltraBuilts “No Spin” Warranty gives parents “Peace of Mind”
    Heavy Duty Slides
  • Double wall strength
  • Choose from green, blue & yellow
    18oz Tent Tops!
  • Commerical grade, tear resistant, 18
    ounce vinyl tent tops.
  • Choose from yellow, green, blue, stripe
    & camo (Special order-Pink or Purple)
    Bonded 4x4 Legs
  • Engineered to resist warping and twisting
  • Strongest A-Frame & Fort legs in the industry
UltraBuilt Play Systems are designed for growing families. Whether you start small or big your play system can grow with your children for years of interactive play.
The best part of an UltraBuilt design is the ability to add on later. You can keep the playset within your budget and add on to it a little each year. Cost may vary from basic to larger more elaborate designs but we never compromise quality.
These simple playset packages showcase our most popular accessories. We encourage our customers to make changes to these packages to fit their own childrens desires and needs.
This is our specialty... helping families create a design that is uniquely theirs! Our Space Station (above) shows a creative combination of several different playsets and accessories that we manufacture.
A Quality Swing Set starts with Quality Lumber.. .

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Which is why UltaBuilt Play Systems is proud to say we use MicroProŽ by OsmoseŽ. The first treated wood to be Environmentally Preferable Product (EPP) certified by Scientific Certification Systems based on Life-Cycle Assesments and it doesnt stop there.

MicroPro Technology is environmentally friendly and has won the green cross award and many other green certifications. For information on MicroPro wood preservative technologies, visit www.greenapprovedproducts.com

Wood products treated with Osmose MicroPro preservatives can be used in above ground, ground contact, fresh water immersion, and critical structure end uses. By using MicroPro preservative treated products, Architects, Specifiers, Homebuilders, and Contractors are now eligible to receive up to 19 maximum possible points toward a building being certified under the National Green Building Standard.

We encourage our customers to visit MicroProŽ by OsmoseŽ website and see just how many awards this lumber has recieved. MicroProŽ did their part by giving us a lifetime guarantee against rot, decay and termites, but it was up to us to turn their great product into a "glass smooth, rounded edges" finished product.

Pine Advantages
Pressure-treated pine is substantially less expensive than redwood. While sealing every two years is recommended, pine will not turn an unattractive blackish-gray color like redwood can over time if not sealed. It is 60 percent stronger than redwood in the same application even though both are classified as soft woods. Pine can be used for stairs and structural members unlike redwood. Pressure treated pine structures can resist rot for decades. Pine forests regenerate much quicker than redwood forests, so pine is a more sustainable natural resource.

Redwood Disadvantages
Sustainability is an issue due to limited growth sites and slow regeneration. Redwood trees can take more than 80 years to mature. Redwood structures often need additional steel support brackets. This is because redwood can’t be used alone for structurally significant members or heavy traffic areas like stairs because it is too soft. Also, redwood loses its attractive cinnamon color and turns blackish-gray if a waterproof sealant is not applied on an annual basis. It also becomes susceptible to rot within five years.

Read more! Redwood Vs. Pine